Premium SMS 

Leverage Premium SMS Text Messaging and Generate Revenue    

Create new revenue streams with premium SMS.  My Txt Agent has made available premium SMS available to the SMB market with an easy to use web-based platform.  Premium SMS gives clients the ability to earn money on text messages and content for which consumers will pay to send or receive.  Clients can engage customers in voting contests, like those on many TV shows (think American Idol & The Apprentice), in which participants pay a small fee to vote for their favorite choices via SMS.  My Txt Agent’s premium SMS platform supports one-off premium messages, as well as subscription based campaigns-such as daily tips and horoscopes, monthly content subscriptions, and more.

Some benefits of My Txt Agent’s premium SMS platform include:

Launch premium SMS campaigns within minutes! No waiting months for carrier approvals

Keep 100% of your premium revenue after carrier payout. 

Select from multiple price points that are already approved ($.99, $1.00, $1.99, $2.99, & $4.99)

Premium SMS Revenue Reports which show you how much money you are generating by outlining total premium revenue broken down by Keyword and carrier