Pics To Screen

Pics To Screen for Broadcasts, Live Events, Nightclubs, Bars, Trade Shows and more…

Engage your audience with real time Pics to Screen technology using MyTxtAgent’s Mobile's proprietary software.  Quickly build an opt-in list while providing audience members with an interactive medium for participation at events.

Our one-of-a-kind Pics to Screen wizard lets you design and link a mobile keyword to a custom pics to screen display in minutes. Using our web-based
design tool, you can build and deploy Broadcast ready pics to screen displays with only your laptop and an internet connection.

Unlike existing pics to screen solutions which require you to email your picture which is then chosen manually for display, the MyTxtAgent’s Mobile Pics
to Screen solution leverages true inbound MMS technology. Audience members can take a picture on their phone and send an inbound MMS message to the short code. MyTxtAgent’s Mobile's pics to screen moderator then receives the pictures in real-time where the user can approve and forward them to the screen as needed.

Projection devices can include flat/plasma screens, jumbotrons or arena vision displays, and computers integrated with video mixing systems.