Mobile Surveys

Mobile Surveys Provide Real-Time Customer Feedback                

iVisionMobile’s advanced mobile survey software allows companies to quickly deploy dynamic mobile surveys and data collection systems that require
 no onsite installation, development, or server infrastructure. My Txt Agent's platform can complement an organization's web-based feedback collection
system by offering an extremely effective way to collect feedback in real-time.

Mobile surveys are fast, easy, interactive and they engage audiences unlike ever before.My Txt Agent proprietary software allows companies to create advanced mobile surveys in minutes! The mobile phone is a new and interactive medium that has become an effective and exciting communication

Mobile surveys provide the following benefits:

  • Allow customers to participate on-site easily and quickly

  • Generate enough responses to ensure trustworthy results

  • Administration of the survey is efficient and trouble-free

  • Reporting will be clear and easily understood

By using My Txt agent's survey system, we help you obtain timely, cost-effective customer, employee and 360-degree feedback