Drop & Go 

Enterprise Text Messaging Solutions   

The Drop & Go text messaging software system is a turnkey solution for deploying enterprise-level messaging to pre-specified contacts lists. 
The Drop & Go system uses a 6 step automated process that can be initiated with an easy FTP file drop to My  Txt Agent’s Mobile’s servers. 
Once My Txt Agent has received the data file, Drop & Go will be set into motion.  The Turnkey Drop & Go System Includes:

• Parsing and processing of the data file to extract the message data components

• Performing a carrier lookup on mobile numbers that are new to the system

• Compiling of each outbound message using data provided in the file

• Sending of the custom messages using My Txt Agent’s Mobile's sms messaging gateway

• Gathering of delivery receipts and confirmations for compilation into delivery report

• Collection of incoming messages for compilation into received message report

• FTP of incoming and sent message delivery reports to client 

With the Drop & Go text messaging software, enterprise level mobile marketing and communications campaigns can be implemented easily
and effortlessly.