Comprehensive Web APIs 

API Dashboard Provides Easy Integration and Full Functionality    

Has your organization developed custom back-end software? Leverage our custom web APIs for delivering mobile campaigns through our messaging gateway and bypass the expensive and time-consuming short code provisioning process required by cell carriers.

Messages can be sent quickly and easily when using the My Txt Agent’s Mobile. platform by integrating directly with our custom APIs.

If you have an existing form or data source that you wish to integrate into your account, we offer a series of APIs that connect your system to ours.
Specific API categories include:

Data Import - The Data Import API allows you to use your own subscriber forms to capture new data and seamlessly integrate such entries into your
My Txt Agent’s Mobile account. This can be done either via HTTP Post or our Web Services option. Any data that is captured via your form can be added
 to your My Txt Agent’s Mobile account and will be automatically appended to the contact record when changes are made.

Data Export - For those that need to export data to their own databases, we offer a Data Out API. The Data Out API can send contacts data and messaging logs to update your internal database.

Messaging - Send SMS campaigns without having to log into My Txt Agent’s Mobile.  Simply load the content into the API request along with the intended recipient list and the campaign will be delivered to your opt in contacts.

Reporting - Retrieve campaign and subscriber information without having to log into  Results can be generated both as a CSV or as an XML feed.